Maine Bills to Limit Ethanol Sales Introduced

DON’T DELAY! Please contact the Joint Environment and Natural Resources Committee to voice your support for L.D. 822/H.P. 596.

You may use the following points in your message:

  • L.D. 822/H.P. 596 would prohibit the sale of motor vehicle fuel that contained greater than 10% ethanol. 
  • L.D. 822/H.P. 596 highlight the fact that ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, increases water formation, resulting in the corrosion of metals, plastics, and rubber, especially over time when an engine is not used. 
  • L.D. 822/H.P. 596 recognize that high-performance specialty parts, along with older cars and parts, may be most susceptible to such corrosion. 
  • L.D. 822/H.P. 596 acknowledge that the life span of vehicles and equipment can be reduced with the use of the wrong fuel and due to the corrosion of integral vehicle and equipment parts, operators could be confronted with breakdowns. 

Overview: Legislation (L.D. 822/H.P. 596) has been introduced in Maine to prohibit the sale of motor fuel with greater than 10% ethanol. Separate legislation (S.P. 86/L.D. 274) has also been introduced to allow the sale of ethanol-free gasoline statewide. The bill currently awaits consideration in the Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.