Indiana Introduces Tax Exemption Bill for Collector Vehicles

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact the House Roads and Transportation Committee immediately to request support for H.B. 1506:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • H.B. 1506 exempts certain “Collector Vehicles” from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax. To be eligible a collector vehicle cannot be operated on the highway.
  • In Indiana, a Collector Vehicle is defined as a vehicle at least 25-years old; owned and operated as a collector’s item, a leisure pursuit, or an investment; and not used primarily for transportation.

  • H.B. 1506 demonstrates a real effort by legislators to enact reasonable and fair legislation to benefit the automobile restoration hobby.

Overview: Legislation (H.B. 1506) has been introduced in Indiana to exempt certain “Collector Vehicles” from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax. The bill is awaiting consideration in the Roads and Transportation Committee.