“My involvement with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is based on my view that the automobile represents characteristics central to that which makes us Americans,” explains Jeff Frazier.  “Namely, the ideas of freedom, hard work, innovation, competition, and community.  These values are to be celebrated and protected against attack.  The SAN is the most effective way for auto hobbyists to protect what we love.  Of course, the SAN website is a good place to learn how to help with advancing—and protecting—the hobby.”  He also frequents Bring A Trailer, Hemmings and YouTube.

Jeff’s first car, the 1967 RS/SS 396 Chevy Camaro pictured here, has been in his family since new.  “My uncle took delivery on February 24, 1967.  It was ordered without power brakes (later added) and power steering.  That said, it is a monster to turn at low speed!  It has an AM/FM radio along with an 8-track player and what looks to be like an early equalizer.  I drug the car around the country for years in various states of assembly while I was in the U.S. Coast Guard before settling in Montana.”  The restoration was finished in 2008.  “The view of the car’s rear will be very familiar to Ford owners...” he adds with a grin.  “In addition to my first car, I still have my first bicycle and my first wife!”

Additional background:

Any other automotive projects?  With nothing else at the moment, I am in search of the perfect 1969 Plymouth Road Runner.

Which vehicle tops your wish list? The 1934 Packard Le Baron Sport Phaeton—known as “Hussy”—at the Nethercutt Museum.

Have a fantasy powerplant? While the DOHC six-cylinder Jaguar is a beautiful British engine, I’d say the American-made Packard Twin Six.