UPDATE: South Dakota Resolution to Advance E30 Ethanol Passes House and Senate; Goes to Governor 

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact Governor Daugaard immediately to request his opposition to H.C.R. 1004:

You may use the following points in your message:

  • H.C.R. 1004 is being introduced at a time when many states are proposing legislation to abandon requirements for ethanol-blended gasoline. 
  • H.C.R. 1004 makes INACCURATE claims that E-30 fuel increases MPG, vehicle power, does not damage auto engines, and reduces harmful emissions.
  • H.C.R. 1004 ignores the fact that ethanol can corrode or dissolve certain metals, plastics, and rubber, especially over a lengthy period of time when the vehicle is not used.  This can lead to engine/parts failures and, potentially, safety hazards.  Ethanol also burns hotter and can cause some engines to stall, misfire and overheat.  Current high-performance specialty parts along with the pre-2001 cars and parts may be most susceptible to corrosion and overheating.
  • H.C.R. 1004 ignores the fact that the lifespan of these vehicles and equipment can be dramatically reduced with the wrong fuel and that drivers could be confronted with breakdowns. Anti-corrosion additives are available for each purchase of gasoline but can become expensive and burdensome

Overview: The South Dakota House of Representatives has reintroduced a resolution (H.C.R. 1004) to mandate that all state fleet vehicles fuel with premium E-30 fuel (gasoline that is 30% ethanol). Under current law, the state fleet is required to use E-15 fuel. The bill has passed the House and Senate; it will now be sent to the Governor.





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