Amended Ohio Headlamps Bill Signed Into Law


Amended Ohio Headlamps Bill Signed Into Law

Legislation (S.B. 161) that originally required headlights on motor vehicles to display a “white light” without defining the term was signed into law by Governor John Kasich.  A SEMA Action Network (SAN) amendment that was included in the bill now conforms the new law to federal standards regarding headlamp color, which all headlamps destined for on-road use must comply.  

All headlamps are required to comply with the color requirements contained in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  It is illegal for a state to enact a law that would conflict with a federal standard.  Under the federal standards, it is possible to design a headlamp that can be perceived as having a blue tint but which nevertheless remains within the federal boundaries that define "white." 

Thanks to all who supported the amended bill.

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